3 Reasons Why Shopify Scalable Software is The Answer to Your Ecommerce Issues

Ecommerce IssuesHere are 3 reasons why Shopify scalable software should be the new home for your website and online store! Shopify is the answer to all of your ecommerce troubles!


The online merchants, managers, and business owners have lots of concerns beyond customer acquisition, marketing, and revenue when trying to find and choose an ecommerce solution. The common ecommerce issues that need to be considered are omnichannel integration, customer engagement, security, SEO, conversion optimization, fees, and much more.

There are over 120 ecommerce platforms to choose from and the truth is, it is not easy to find the right option to fit your business needs, model or goals. For growing businesses and sizable enterprises, scalable software solutions are the real deal.

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce scalable solutions in the market and we will show you why this platform should be the new home for your website an online store.

  1. Better functionality and still easy to use: Despite all the improvements and added functionality, the platform is still easy to use. With everything you need to control and manage, it really helps to have an online store that doesn’t create obstacles to keeping the store running and processing orders. Managing settings, adding products, and handling orders can be done with a few clicks.
  2. Customizable and powerful discount logic: Shopify Plus allows sellers to add discounts to specific products and categories. There are numerous ways to customize discounts, including tiered pricing to offer special discounts to VIP customers, free shipping, product-specific BOGO discounts, combination offers, percentage-based discounts, and more.
  3. Wholesale functionality: Wholesale B2B has been lacking for a lot of ecommerce platforms, however, Shopify is an exception. Ecommerce solution Shopify has recently launched a new wholesale plan that would give larger brands and businesses the opportunity to run a separate website from their Shopify store. This is a great advantage for your business.

The Shopify Plus scalable solution is designed for larger businesses and they’ve made sure the platform has unlimited scalability to meet the needs of growing ecommerce businesses including Bombas, Nestle, and MVMT.

This fully-hosted platform provides 99.99% uptime and is perfectly capable of handling 4 million hits/second and thousands of orders/minute. Shopify Plus customers will also receive up to 200 TB of storage capacity and unlimited bandwidth. No matter how fast you are scaling up and growing, there is plenty of space to expand with ecommerce solution Shopify Plus.