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Worldwide retailers say that Shopify is best ecommerce platform for international businesses

What do you know about Shopify scalable solution and its SEO features? Is Shopify SEO any good? Read this article and find out!

Let’s face it – organic search traffic is one of the most important factors for ecommerce businesses. The fully hosted ecommerce platforms are considered to be weak from an SEO perspective. But is that true? Is there something to do with the limited customization possibilities?

In Australia the best enterprise e-commerce for small businesses is Shopify, which comes with extensive SEO features and allows multiple customizations within the framework. Experts have rated Shopify SEO with a score of 98 out of 100. So what do you think? Is Shopify’s scalable solution good for SEO?

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In terms of meta description and title tags, Shopify SEO practices can be implemented by adding title tags which appear on the page of the search engines results. You can easily edit the titles of the pages, your products, product collections, and etc. Remember that the length of the title tags shouldn’t exceed 70 characters. Also, you can customize meta descriptions which also have a positive SEO impact. The meta description for website pages including blog posts and collections can be added via the Shopify admin panel.

All Shopify users can create H1, H2 page headers with specific headers including for pages, products, product collections or blog posts. It gives more chances to your content to rank higher for specific keywords.


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In a situation like this, the search engines read this as a content duplication and it is possible to penalize a website. Ecommerce solution Shopify automatically gives right URLs to search engines and identify which page contains original content so that accidental penalization can be avoided.

This popular ecommerce platform offers the best blogging functionalities and options on the market. The extensive blogging possibilities can be used to accomplish authority among the users and increase organic traffic to a store. The retailers can create and present unique content that is related to their business niche like handy guides, product reviews, tutorials, and more.

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Shopify supports integration with popular analytics services such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and more. The platform also enables tracking of different metrics such as the number of visitors to a website, what device they used to access a store, their location, keyword queries details, and etc. In other words, it provides important data for building successful SEO campaigns and improving online store performance.

When it comes to Shopify apps that are SEO-related, there is a wide selection of both free and paid plugins. Setting up and using an application will help to implement the best SEO practices and also get a comprehensive feedback about the optimization efforts.


SEO Manager is one great app which offers an extensive range of tools to improve website SEO. Plug In SEO is a very popular free option that allows you to check page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and etc

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We encourage you to try Shopify scalable software and take advantage of Shopify SEO tools!

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